Luxury yachts are the stuff that dreams are made of and some dreams can be more luxurious and exceptional than others. Yachts offer a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of the ocean in complete comfort. There is a wide range of yachts but, features like Jacuzzis, professionally designed interiors and even swimming pools on deck are common and for many people spending time on a yacht are features they will never forget. Yachts also offer a level of privacy that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

Of the many types of yachts available, there are some yachts that exceed even the most exacting specifications like those of the Remember When, one of the multiple super yachts owned John Rosatti. This yacht defines luxury yachting and includes a variety of safety and navigational features including, an integrated dynamic positioning system (DP), standard sonar, forward-facing sonar, 2 FLIR infrared cameras with a split screen for a 180-degree view, 2 96-nautical mile S-Band radars, and one X-Band radar. This 162ft mega yacht was built to the highest standards and includes luxurious amenities such as marble bathrooms with under-floor heating, three levels that are fully air conditioned inside and out, full walnut walls and cabinetry, and some of the world’s finest marble inlay and stone work. Passengers onboard the Remember When can relax and enjoy the traditional comforts of home by watching tv or browsing the web via the yacht’s two Sea Tel TV satellite dishes and a Sea Tel satellite-internet dish.

With so many incredible features and well-designed interiors, it’s no surprise that the passion for yachting is so prevalent and that yachting is such a beloved pastime and has born witness to so many memorable events.